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A former casino dealer slams Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – Marca English

The pair’s behaviour exposed on Tik Tok
They are the hottest couple in Hollywood. Since the date was made official and the wedding between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck took place, fans of the couple have seen their fortune rise to around 550 million dollars.
Yet, a former casino worker has suggested the pair don’t act like a rich couple.
Her criticism is specifically aimed at Ben Affleck‘s behaviour, which didn’t go down very well at the casino in question.
The young woman’s video was uploaded to Tik Tok and now everyone knows what Ben Affleck looks like when he is gambling.
Her account, @jnguyenerz, is already one of the most searched accounts on the social network for her inflammatory words. The woman described the actor as “a piece of sh*t”.
The American actor’s personality, it seems, is somewhat unusual for the calibre of Ben Affleck.
According to the girl on Tik Tok, that reputation is all too well known in casinos across the US.
J Nguyen confesses that she and her colleagues have plenty of anecdotes to put Ben Affleck to shame.
Apart from “cheap”, they point out that he has “one of the worst reputations in the industry”.
“JLo? She’s f*cking cheap,” she added.
“Ben Affleck has one of the worst reputations in the casino industry…. He’s cheap as fuck, he’s rude to other players.
“He’s a piece of shit. And it’s all over the country… In all the casinos.”
At Harrah’s, in Atlantic City, in Commerce Casino, in California… This motherf*cker is so cheap.”
“JLo is f*cking stingy! She tells him not to tip….. He doesn’t tip anymore, baby! You don’t need to tell him nothing, he ain’t doing it,” she says in the video.
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