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Rockstar Games is yet to reveal any details regarding Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6. So fans have had to rely on leaks and insider reports to gather information about the highly anticipated game, with last year’s development footage leak being one such instance. It gave gamers an idea about the title’s possible setting, lead characters, and interesting new features. Many were skeptical at first, but Rockstar soon confirmed the footage to be real.
In this article, we will be looking at five of the biggest GTA 6 leaks so far, such as new features and improvements from older titles. That said, readers must remember that anything seen in the leaks can be changed or removed before the final release.
GTA 6 leaks showcased that players might be able to carry rifles on their character’s back in the upcoming title. If this feature makes it to the final cut of the game, it will mark the debut of a brand-new feature in this series. Up till now, any weapon carried by the protagonist magically disappears upon being holstered.
Interestingly, the ability to carry rifles on one’s back was also present in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). In fact, players can holster two rifles on the protagonist’s back in that game. Whether this ability will be implemented in a way that is similar to RDR2 can only be confirmed once Grand Theft Auto 6 releases.
One of the most interesting features revealed by the GTA 6 leaked footage was the ability to go prone. This is another gameplay mechanic that is yet to appear in a Grand Theft Auto title. Oddly enough, players cannot even crouch outside of cover in Grand Theft Auto 5, which is quite puzzling.
Rockstar Games ditched the feature in favor of the Stealth Stance, which is rarely used. Therefore, if players are allowed to crouch and even go prone in the upcoming sequel, they will be able to experience a Grand Theft Auto game in a completely new way.
Grand Theft Auto 5’s police are known for being very aggressive. The cops in the game are willing to shoot for even the most trivial offenses, which is something that players have long since complained about. Grand Theft Auto 6’s leaked development footage suggested that the cops in the sequel might finally behave more realistically.
The restaurant robbery clip features a bar on top that shows the time before police get dispatched to the crime scene. This could also be a major improvement over cops spawning right away after getting a wanted level in current games. Intricate details are not available at the moment, but more might be revealed in a GTA 6 trailer.
Grand Theft Auto 5 introduced the first-person mode to the franchise, allowing players to take a look inside their vehicles while driving. Therefore, Rockstar Games had to craft car interiors with great detail. Interestingly, it seems that Rockstar might raise the standards further in the next game.
The leaked footage suggests that car interiors could be even more detailed in Grand Theft Auto 6. They might even feature a working GPS, which may seem like a minor detail but adds to the level of realism.
The Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks showcased many interesting things. But one aspect that garnered a lot of attention was the inclusion of a playable female protagonist, reportedly named Lucia. She was featured in many of the leaked clips and is allegedly one-half of a lead character duo.
If Lucia is a part of the game at launch, she will be the first playable female protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series. While players can choose a female character model in GTA Online, that cannot be considered the same as a story mode protagonist. More information on Lucia might be revealed after an official GTA 6 announcement.
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