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5 new WhatsApp features set to launch in 2022 – including Instagram reels – The Yorkshire Post


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WhatsApp users can look forward to a string of updates next year as the popular messaging platform has been spotted developing new features to improve user experience.
The rumoured improvements include limitless time on the “delete for everyone” function and the integration of Instagram reels.
If you are an avid user of the app, here are the five new features expected to be coming in 2022.
Currently, there are 68 minutes and 16 seconds before a message sent in a WhatsApp group is no longer deletable for everyone in the chat.
However, according to 91 mobiles, WhatsApp is said to be extending this time limit.
This means that with the new update, any messages you want to remove from a group chat can be done at any time.
WABetaInfo, a website dedicated to telling news about WhatsApp, has claimed WhatsApp is working on a logout feature.
Spotted during the new beta version of the app, the new feature allows you to be logged out on one device but remain logged in on another.
More news from WABetaInfo suggests WhatsApp could one day feature Instagram reels, and users can watch Instagram reels directly from the app.
This could be part of Meta’s plan to merge its social networking plans together.
The ‘read later’ feature is essentially an updated version of the Archived Chats feature.
Read later will allow muted notifications on a chat, meaning when a chat is marked as Read later, WhatsApp won’t send notifications for it.
This feature will also include a ‘vacation mode’ where the read later option will work the same way as the archived chats on the current version of WhatsApp.
On the current version of WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen but you can’t hide it from specific contacts.
WhatsApp is said to be changing this, so when you go on to your “last seen” settings, there will be an option for “My Contacts Except”. From there, you can select which contacts you want to hide your last seen details from.
These new and exciting features have been tested in beta, but we can’t be sure they will be available until WhatsApp official announce any updates.
This article originally appeared on our sister site, NationalWorld.


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