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4 Tips That Could Help Your Employees be More Productive


Most, if not all, businesses would like their employees to be more productive. However, as with most things, there is a wrong way to go about being assertive and a right way. For instance, shouting and penalizing employees is not a good way and will only make you and your employees more frustrated. However, focusing on some key areas could, over time, enhance your employee’s output.

1 Offer flexible working hours

You could offer your employees flexitime working arrangements. This can be one of two different ways to provide them with a large window each day to complete their hours or provide them with the same large window to let them create the perfect working week for their schedules.

As long as the full number of hours are completed each week, for instance, it wouldn’t matter that your employees chose to work four long days and have a three-day weekend.

2 Provide information at employees’ fingertips

Set up your own business intranet; this will allow your employees, regardless of where they are working, access to your business’s databases. Of course, the only people that will have access to it will be those that you allow, so it will not be open and available to all and sundry. Having a business intranet, such as divulged by Simpplr, will provide your remote and hybrid workers the ability to complete their work as though they were on-site. Not only this, but a business intranet system can also be used to help employees socialize and gain important data and messages about what is happening within their working community which all adds up to a much better employee experience.


3 Encourage communication between teams

Information and communication are key parts of a business’s success. Therefore, encouraging your employees to converse with each other will no doubt speed up working project timelines.

The best way to encourage such communication is to make sure that there is an abundance of different ways communication can take place. Often nowadays, employees are not working in the same state, let alone the same office block. Information and knowledge can indeed get lost in translation, or communication does not take place. So, it is vital that there are plenty of options – whether scheduled or spontaneous – for communication to take place.

4 Provide them with suitable rest facilities

This has all been about work; however, your employee rest periods are important too. Creating a communal space away from monitors with comfy seating can help your employees’ minds calm down and relax. This can be made even more beneficial with the addition of free beverages and somewhere where basic food preparation can take place if you do not have room for a full-scale canteen. Providing your workers with a space like this will ensure that they are refreshed to start work again when their break is finished rather than suffering from a mid-morning or mid-afternoon lull in energy.

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