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November 17, 2023
From slap-stick classics like Grown Ups to essential rom-coms like 50 First Dates and thought-provoking dramas like Punch Drunk Love, we’re positive there’s nothing Adam Sandler can’t do. 
Check out this list of the 18 best Adam Sandler movies of all time, including the most quotable Adam Sandler lines from each film. 
Title art for the adult animated holiday movie, Eight Crazy Nights.

“Your Honor, I still got a pretty good jump shot. Let me show you.” – Davey Stone
Christmas isn’t the only holiday being celebrated this season. In this animated Adam Sandler movie, Davey Stone (voiced by Sandler) is an alcoholic local nuisance who’s granted the opportunity to do community service during Hanukkah instead of going to jail — though if you ask Davey, he’ll probably agree jail might have been easier. 
Though Eight Crazy Nights is an animated film, keep in mind that it’s rated PG-13 for adult themes and language. 
Watch: Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights
Title art for the Adam Sandler movie, The WaterBoy.
“Now that’s what I call high-quality H20.” – Bobby Boucher
The WaterBoy is a true underdog story told in the most Adam Sandler way possible: through quirky characters and slapstick comedy. In this film, Sandler plays Bobby Boucher — a severely sheltered adult who discovers his supernatural football skills while volunteering as a waterboy for a college team. Laugh and cheer along as Bobby steps off the sidelines for the very first time to stand up to his bullies (including his overprotective mother) and find confidence in himself, even when the odds are stacked against him. 
Watch: The WaterBoy
TItle art for the Adam Sandler movie, The Wedding Singer.
“Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!” – Robbie Hart
Everything changes for jaded wedding singer Robbie Hart (Sandler), when he meets his perfect match in Julia Sullivan (Barrymore). It’s obvious the two are meant to be together, but life (and their current fiances) keep getting in the way. 
As the first film in the Sandler/Barrymore rom-com set of movies, The Wedding Singer is a feel-good classic sure to make you laugh and cry. 
Watch: The Wedding Singer
Title art for the Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madison.
“Stop looking at me, Swan!” – Billy Madison
Born into extreme privilege, Billy Madison hasn’t had to work hard for anything in his life — he didn’t even finish grade school. When Billy’s father presents him with the shocking decision to keep him out of the will, Billy must now prove himself by repeating grades 1 – 12 all over again. 
Watch: Billy Madison
Title art for the Adam Sandler movie Mr. Deeds.
“I can’t run a company! I can’t even run my own life!” – Longfellow Deeds
Much like the real-life Adam Sandler, Longfellow Deeds (played by Sandler) is a humble and down-to-Earth guy. But, when a very large and unexpected inheritance falls on his lap, Deeds’ morals and values are tested. 
“It was like walking barefoot through broken glass to get a milkshake. I loved the milkshake, but, you know, my feet were bleeding.” – Danny Meyerowitz
When you think of Adam Sandler, his iconic and easily distinguishable comedic ability probably comes to mind first. But, in this dramedy flick, Sandler showcases the depths of his acting ability by brilliantly balancing humor and heartfelt emotion. Along with a star-studded cast including Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, and Adam Driver, The Meyerowitz Stories is a feel-good film you’ll want to watch again and again. 
Title art for the Adam Sandler film, Grown Ups 2.
“Wasted is when you have a hankering for ice cream” – Lenny Feder
We all know Adam Sandler can bring the laughs on his own, but when he’s with his troupe of comedic-genius besties, you’re in for a side-splitting 90 minutes. Laugh along with Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider in these summer comedy classics. 
Watch: Grown Ups* & Grown Ups 2*
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Title art for the Adam Sandler movie, 50 First Dates.
“Sorry to interrupt, but I noticed we were both eating alone and I thought perhaps I could sit with you, maybe build a syrup Jacuzzi for your waffle house?” – Henry Roth
If you met the person of your dreams, would you do whatever it takes to win them over … every day
In this classic early 2000s rom-com movie, commitment-phobe Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) falls head over heels when he meets Lucy Whitmore (Drew Berrymore). The two hit things off immediately, sharing a connection Henry has never felt before. There’s only one problem — Lucy has short-term memory loss and wakes up the next day having forgotten all about Henry. 
Watch: 50 First Dates
Title art for the Adam Sandler movie, Happy Gilmore.
“The price is wrong!” – Happy Gilmore before getting into a fistfight with gameshow host, Bob Barker. 
Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) lives and breathes hockey. So, you can imagine how devastated he was getting kicked off the team for his powerful yet uncontrolled slapshot, which to Happy’s surprise, translates into the world’s most powerful golf drive, landing him in the PGA. 
Happy must now shake his rough-and-tumble, hockey-player mentality and learn the poise of professional golf. 
Watch: Happy Gilmore*
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Title art for the animated Adam Sandler movie, Hotel Transylvania.
“ I will track you down and suck every ounce of blood from your body until you look like a deflated whoopee cushion!” – Dracula
Comedy, drama, and voice acting — is there anything Adam Sandler can’t do?
In the Hotel Transylvania animated movie series, Sandler lends his voice to Dracula, a vampire who also happens to be the owner of a high-end resort for monsters looking to get a little R&R from the human world. When a human boy happens to stumble upon the resort, Dracula must do whatever it takes to keep him hidden from the resort guests in this kid-friendly comedy.
“Hello? An avalanche? In our backyard? I’ll be home right away. It’s an emergency!” – Jim Friedman
So you want another Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore rom-com? Say no more. 
After going on a less-than-stellar blind date, Jim (Sandler) and Lauren (Barrymore) find themselves (and their families) on vacation in Africa at the same time and, as happenstance would have it, at the same resort. 
Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight, but this sounds like fate if you ask us. 
Watch: Blended*
*Blended is available on Hulu with a Max® add-on subscription.
Title art for the rom-com, Just Go With It, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.
“We have, sort of, a little bit of children right?” – Danny Maccabee
Danny Maccabee (Sandler) is a successful plastic surgeon and the ultimate bachelor. He even wears a fake wedding ring coupled with made-up sob stories to get attention. His tactics seem to work flawlessly until he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) — someone he can see himself finally settling down with. But his devious web of lies complicates his chances with Palmer, so he strings his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), along for the ride. 
TItle art for the Adam Sandler comedy, Big Daddy.
“Having a kid is great as long as his eyes are closed and he’s not moving or speaking.” – Sonny Koufax
Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler) has slacked his way through everything in life — law school, his job as a toll booth operator, and especially his relationships. When his girlfriend threatens to leave him for someone with more ambition, Sonny decides to adopt a five-year-old boy to prove his “maturity.” 
Watch: Big Daddy*
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“I made a crazy risk, a gamble. And it’s about to pay off.” – Howard Ratner
The true range of Adam Sandler’s acting ability is demonstrated in his captivating performance as Howard Ratner, an ambitious New York City jeweler willing to risk it all to stay alive. Alongside Julia Fox and Idina Manzel, Uncut Gems is a must-see crime drama that shows a side of Sandler’s talent far beyond his usual comedic roles.
Title art for the Kevin James and Adam Sandler movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.
[Alt text: Title art for the Kevin James and Adam Sandler movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.]
“Larry, I love you, but I’m not in love with you, if that makes any sense. I still want to be friends.” – Chuck Levine
Adam Sandler and Kevin James co-star in the mid-2000s comedy gem, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. In this rom-com, the pair play friends, coworkers, and … lovers? Despite being straight, Chuck & Larry reluctantly decide to tie the knot solely for the domestic-partner benefits. But, can committing fraud by getting hitched really go off without a hitch?
Watch: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry*
*I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry is available on Hulu with a Max® add-on subscription.
Title art for the Adam Sandler movie, The Longest Yard.
“My, you have lovely hair. Do you ever find any spiders in it?” – Paul Crewe
Former pro quarterback, Paul Crewe (Sandler), is arrested and imprisoned after a messy drunk-driving incident. In an unexpected turn of events, Crewe must now lead a team of inmates in a high-stakes football game against the prison guards.
Check out more football movies streaming now on Hulu. 
Watch: The Longest Yard*
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Title art for the Adam Sandler Movie, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.
“I just want to make people silky-smooth!” – Zohan
Lather. Rinse. Save the World. Repeat. 
Special forces soldier, Zohan (Sandler), fakes his own death to leave his old life behind and pursue his dream of becoming a world-class hair stylist in New York City. All goes according to plan until someone from his past threatens to blow(dry) his cover — see what we did there? 
Title art for the Adam Sandler movie, Punch-Drunk Love.
“I have a love in my life. It makes me stronger than anything you can imagine.” – Barry Egan
In this romantic dark comedy, Adam Sandler plays Barry Egan — a socially awkward man with strong repressed emotions and anger issues. In an effort to alleviate his loneliness and self-loathing, Barry gets himself into deep trouble but also finds unconditional love along the way.
A screen grab from the Adam Sandler movie, Click.
“Bring me back the Twinkies!” – Michael Newman
What would you change if you could pause and rewind your life?
In Click, Adam Sandler stars as Michael Newman, an overworked architect who finds a special TV remote in the “Beyond” section of Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  What makes this remote so magical? It allows him to fast forward, pause, and rewind his life, leading Michael to discover the value of time and the importance of cherishing all of life’s moments.
Watch: Click*
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