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  • Video: Bill Clinton attacks Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

    With only hours to go before Tuesday’s vital New Hampshire primary, former President Bill Clinton has again taken to the stage. Mr Clinton openly criticised Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont – who faces former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the race for…
  • Why Planting trees to Stop Global Warming may not work

    Forests are indispensable for the global carbon cycle. Besides oceans, forests act as huge carbon sinks, sucking carbon dioxide and storing carbon. Their role in diluting the effects of climate change is well known. Sustainable forest management which leads to maximizing the forests ability to…
  • Photos: 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocks Taiwan, Killing at least 3

    According to credible reports from Taiwanese Disaster Response Center, it has been confirmed that three people have died following 6.4 magnitude earthquake which hit the city on Saturday morning. The rescuers have pulled out more than 220 people from a 17 story residential building that…

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  • Scientists Discover Cold Grains in ‘Flying Saucer’

    An International team of researchers led by Stephane Guilloteau at the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux, France has unexpectedly found cold dust grains in a planet-forming disc that has been nick named ‘Flying Saucer.’ Flying Saucer is located 400 light years from our planet. With the…
  • US astronaut Scott Kelly throws Super Bowl party in space

    US astronaut Scott Kelly, currently on the International Space Station (ISS), has revealed on social media he organised a Super Bowl party, but “no one showed up.” Kelly is now 318 days into his one-year mission on the ISS and sent pictures of Super Bowl…


  • Millions of Obese Americans are actually quite healthy

    According to a new study, researchers have come to a conclusion that over-reliance on BMI as a factor to measure the health of a person may go terribly wrong during most of the times. A. Janet Tomiyama led this research, and she claims that 34.4…
  • The US Health Officials urge use of Condoms against Zika Virus

    The Zika Virus pandemic is spreading and so is the panic. Countries are resorting to emergency measures and the latest brief from the U.S. health officials have recommended men to use condoms while having sex with pregnant women if they have visited an area with…
  • First case of Zika infection through sex reported in the US

    A person in Texas has contracted the Zika virus through sexual contact, according to health official of the Dallas County Health and Human Services. In a first reported case for the US, it was reported a man infected with the mosquito-borne disease in Venezuela returned…